An artwork purchased off the shelf can never relate to your emotions..We specialize in personalized artwork which will move your soul.


We listen to the patron and try to incorporate their ideas,likings, sometimes life-stories, learnings; into the artwork; as per their material of choice

Out of the Box

The process results in a unique work of art which connects with pshyche of the client. We aim to produce original art pieces with absolute creativity.


About Me

"dhi" in Sanskrit means mind/thought. Painting has been my life since the time I have gained self awareness. I am a strong believer that the artwork in a room Energizes one's consciousness.

Art is DEVOTION for me That..... I realised gradually over a span of time, whilst struggling between lucrative profession and financial challenges.

I love to introduce concept of Personalized art work which is based on the observers feel and connect. I like to use my soft skills to observe & study all the details of the subject before putting it on board. Patron's Happiness and Satisfaction is my Motivation. I love to work with various materials and mediums. My clients love me the way I put thought,efforts and my soul in making their Artwork and that brings me finding of this organization "dhi soulful art".

- Dishali Patel